Rumpin' Ribs £6.95

Slow Cooked, tender Lamb Ribs, glazed with BBQ sauce.

Lamb Chops £6.95

Tender lamb chops marinated in XOXO signature spices and flame-grilled to perfection.

Signature Buffalo Wings £5.95

Tender chicken wings in a spicy, hot and tangy sauce.

Hot and Spicy Wings £5.95

Incredibly hot, deep fried chicken wings.

Cheeky Wings £5.95

BBQ glazed and charcoal grilled chicken wings.

Shanghai Wings £5.95

House made sweet chilli sauce glazed and deep fried chicken wings.

Chicken in Featherbed £5.95

Oven-baked chicken with cheese sauce served in fried onions, peppers and potatoes.

Chicken Straws £4.95

Crispy strips of prime chicken breast, served with a tarragon mayo.

Explosive Prawns £6.95

Tiger prawns, shallow fried and tossed in chilli garlic dressing, served with spicy aioli​.

Greetings from the Farm £3.95

Charcoal grilled halloumi cheese.

Tear & Share (cheese) £3.95

Freshly prepared, oven baked cheesy garlic bread with our house garlic butter.

Straight from Spain £2.95

A blend of green and black olives marinated in olive oil with garlic cloves and red pepper.


All our steaks are served with salad, an option of one side and a choice of sauce.

XOXO Famous Fillet Steak £24.95

This fillet is the royal of all the steak cuts. It is the most tender with little marbling and virtually fat free. 7oz.

T-Bone Steak £20.95

Best of both worlds. Flavourful sirloin and tender fillet, flame-grilled to a perfection. 14oz.

Rump Steak £16.95

Our rump steaks are trimmed leaving only meat with the most flavour and marinated overnight. 8oz.

XOXO sizzler £15.95

Marinated pieces of tender Lamb, grilled to perfection and served on a bed of peppers and onion.

XOXO Chef Special £14.95

Succulent, tender chicken breast, coated in our signature batter, pan-fried and topped with mouth-watering melted mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Steak £12.95

Marinated in mild spices overnight to give you that depth of flavour.

Chicken Skewer £12.95

Cubes of chicken breast marinated in herbs and spices overnight to give you that depth of flavour. Swerved with rice and salad.

Salmon Steak £13.95

Tender salmon fillet seasoned with our signature spices and flame-grilled. Served with roasted veggies, your choice of side and sweet chilli sauce.

Sea Bass Fillet £14.95

Sizzling sea bass lightly seasoned & served on a bed of vegetables & choice of sides.

Steak extras

Cheese £1.50

Fried egg £1.50

Peppercorn sauce £1.50

Picante gravy £1.50

Mushroom sauce £1.50

Gourmet Burgers


100% Prime Aberdeen Angus beef of the highest quality infused with fresh herbs. Hand pressed, cooked over a flame-grill served between two fluffy Brioche Buns.

XOXO Burger £9.95

Signature hand pressed Aberdeen Angus beef 

patty, stuffed with cheddar cheese resulting in melted cheesy juiciness. Topped with lettuce, fried onion, mayo, relish and cheese.


Pulled Rib Burger £9.95​

Slow cooked pulled lamb rib meat. Glazed in BBQ sauce. Topped with Lettuce, fried onion, gherkins, mayo, relish and cheese.

Classic Burger  £7.95

Our signature beef patty with in-house relish, mayo, fried onions, lettuce, cheese and gherkins.

New Yorker £9.95

  Our signature beef patty with in-house relish, mayo, fried egg, lettuce, fried onion, turkey rasher and cheese.

Pompeii Hot Burger  8.95

Our signature beef patty topped with jalapeños, cheese, fried onion, lettuce, mayo and chilli sauce.

Burj Khalifa £12.95

Our signature beef patty and chicken fillet topped with a fried egg, lettuce, fried onion, cheese, in-house relish and mayo.

Dinky Sliders £13.95

Selection of three mini burgers: Classic Burger, Pompeii Hot Burger and Mighty Chicken Burger.

Honolulu Burger £8.95

Our signature beef patty, pineapple, lettuce, fried onion,  cheese, relish and mayo.

Mighty Chicken Burger 8.95

Grilled chicken fillet with lettuce, fried onion,  mayo, cheese.

Country Burger £7.95

Grilled halloumi with tomato, fried onion, lettuce, mushroom, roasted peppers, in-house relish and mayo.



Burger extras


Gherkins £0.95

 Cheese £0.95

Pineapple £0.95

Jalapeños £0.95

Fried Egg £1.50

Additional Burger Patty £4.95

Sharing Platters

Food designed to share. All platters served to feed 4.

Starter Platter £19.95

Mixture of our customers' favourite starters all in one plate. Buffalo Wings, Shanghai Wings, Lamb Chops, Chicken Strips, onion Rings and Grilled Sweetcorn.

Burger Platter £39.99

4 Burgers (Classic, Pulled Rib, New Yorker & Mighty Chicken Burger). Served with a  huge helping of sides- chips, sweet potato fries & onion rings.



Sizzling egg noodles tossed with a mix of crunchy sliced vegetables along side your chosen options:


CHICKEN  £9.95

Marinated sliced chicken breast.

BEEF £ 11.95

Tender sliced beef pieces.

PRAWNS £12.95

Marinated King Prawns.


A mixture of vegetables. 

XOXO Fajitas

Served on a bed of sizzling onions and mixed peppers with warm soft tortillas, grated cheese, sour cream, salsa.


Steak Fajita 

Sliced Rump Steak served medium rare.


Classic Chicken

Succulent fresh marinated chicken breast.


 Spiced Salmon

Tender salmon fillet, seasoned and topped with onions.


Side orders


Chunky Chips £2.95

Creamy Mash Potato£2.95

Sweet Potatoes Fries £2.95

Homemade Coleslaw£2.50

Onion Rings £2.95

Yellow Buddy (Corn on the cob)£2.50

Roasted Veggies £2.50

Rice £2.50

Mixed Leaf Salad £2.50


Our salads are made using fresh mixed leaves, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions and in our house made dressings.

Grilled Steak £9.95

Grilled Salmon £8.95

Grilled Chicken £8.95

Grilled Halloumi £7.95

Kids Menu

All kids meals are served with fries and salads

Classic Burger 

Our signature beef patty with relish, mayo, fried onions, lettuce and cheese.


Chicken Burger

  Grilled chicken fillet with lettuce, fried onions mayo and cheese.



Fish Fingers

5 deep fried golden cod fish fingers. Made with 100% fish fillet.



Popcorn Chicken

10 deep fried crispy golden chicken popcorn's. Made with 100% chicken breast.


Chicken Strips

Strips of prime chicken breast, lightly seasoned, battered & fried.


Cheeky Wings

BBQ glazed and deep-fried chicken wings.